Monday, 22 October 2012

PFA smash past four

   PFA    4-0    RMSF 
Hj Azeem
Hj Boy

The game looked to be one-sided affair as PFA were in cruise control by defeating RMSF 4-0 with Nameng, Daniel, Hj Azeem and Hj Boy are on the scoresheet.

The opener arrived as Daniel made an incisive run to the byline and squared perfectly into the path of Nameng to nicely placed the ball home from 4 yards.

Daniel then made it two with a half-volley following Nameng cross. Any hope of RMSF come back was extinguished when Hj Azeem smashed home PFA’s third from the outside area to put PFA three goals clear.

There was just one more goal after the break when Hj Boy then added the fourth with a fine right-footed finish to get his name on the scoresheet.

1st half:

Adid, Halim, Amni, JJ, Aqil, Nameng, Japni, Hj Azeem, Ipin, Reno, Daniel

2nd half:

Ipin, Halim (Nameng), Amni, JJ, Aqil, Hj Boy, Dillah, Royy, Qayum, Fizu, Adid

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Friday, 12 October 2012

PFA suffer another setback

   PFA    2-3 Adidas     

The game ended in the most dramatic way possible, with team Adidas were slightly fortunate to snatch the late victory as PFA dominated the game and didn’t deserved to lose.

PFA were 0-2 down and they managed to come back in the second period after manager Aziz reacted by introducing 3-man forwards with Reno replacing the fullback Aqil.

An effort from Daniel was then clawed away by the goalkeeper after a nice pass from Fizu. The goal rush did not let up, with Daniel swiftly pulling one back offering PFA hope. A wonderful through ball from Boy Habs finding Qayum led to the equalizing goal.

The winger then skillfully skipped past two players and his far-post cross was perfect for Fizu, who launched himself at the ball with a header. In the very last minute, PFA was ambushed by the late goal from set-piece and were forced to settle for a defeat a minute after.

1st half:

Adid, Amni, JJ, Madeli, Nameng, Hirman (Aqil), Japni, Dillah, Qayum, Daniel, Bebek

2nd half:

Adid, Aqil (Reno), JJ, Madeli, Boy Habs, Hj Boy, Japni, Dilah, Qayum, Fizu, Daniel (Bebek)

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Sloppy PFA lose

   PFA    2-4 Brunei Shell FT    

A second-half ambush consigned PFA to a 4-2 defeat at BSRC field to Brunei Shell FT in Friday evening. PFA easily blown away their two goal leads thanks to goals from Ninak and Daniel as they came away with nothing after the final whistle.

PFA made a bright start to the contest and the first goal came when Daniel had been fouled just outside the box, Ninak stepped off to rifle home with a delightful curling shot.

Daniel then added the second by tapping home from a set-piece work. PFA looked to have things under control from the back to front and they head to halftime leading 2-0.

PFA then made a host of changes in the second period and things looked to have gone out of sort as they let BSFT pressed them hard and were awarded early penalty in the second period which they scored 2-1.

The defensive changes might have an impact to the rhythm of PFA gameplay as sloppy defending led to goals as BSFT managed to make a comeback by defeating PFA 4-2 final scoreline.

1st half:

Adid, Hafiz, Madeli, Alai, Hj Boy, Qayum, Ninak, Duan, Ipin, Hirman, Daniel

2nd half:

Udin, Hj Boy (Aqil), Madeli (Amni), JJ, Alai (Boy Habs), Fizu (Halim), Japni, Ninak, Ipin (Ali), Alfi, Daniel (Reno)

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Rampant PFA crushes IBB

    PFA    5-2   IBB    

Daniel hits hat-trick as he terrorized IBB to help PFA to a 5-2 victory while Bebek and JJ added their names to the score-sheet. JJ misses a penalty early in the first period after Daniel had been brought down. It marked the second successive penalty-miss after Adid’s penalty against Kerma.

The first goal came when Hirman dispossess the defender and Daniel capitalized the terrible mistake as he rounded the goalkeeper and tap home before laying on JJ, who made it 2-0 soon after.

Ninak was imperious, sweeping the ball from left to right, Jul was industrious picking up the pieces and Bebek regularly bombed down the right flank as he blasted a right foot shot to add the score-line.

Bebek then were made to pay for his blooper as he came in off the flank and unselfishly squared to Hirman who was caught offside when Bebek should really have slotted home. Daniel then was sent through on goal as he beat the offside trap with a fine right-footed effort to notch his hat-trick.

1st half:

Udin, Bebek, JJ, Madeli, Aqil, Qayum, Ninak, Jul, Ipin, Hirman, Daniel

2nd half:

Udin, JJ (Aqil), Madeli, Boy.B, Alai, Hj Boy, Ninak (Ipin), Jul, Duan, Fizu