Tuesday, 29 November 2011

PFA FiFa12 Tournament - Part Two (Knockout stage)

Group Photo

Quarter Finals Finalists...

Adid vs Aqil

Nabil vs Mimi

Dekwan vs Alai

Daniel vs Juan

Semi Finals


The winners

Champion - Dekwan 
($50.00 & 2 weekend nights Hotel Voucher at The Empire Hotel & Country Club)

2nd Place - Aqil 
($30.00 & 1 weekend night Hotel Voucher at The Empire Hotel & Country Club)

3rd Place - Mimi

Monday, 28 November 2011

PFA FiFA12 Tournament - BBQ & Group Stage session

Adid, Dekwan & Bebek

Alai Alien vs Juan Predator

Menunggu giliran

Alai vs Nabil

Stress kalah saja hehe...



Ermin & Jj

Control mua boi haha nyaman bnr kah ayam ah 

Satu utk kau, satu utk aku, dua utk kau, dua utk GF aku oopss

Masterchef Brunei ni

end of part 1

Sunday, 27 November 2011


FIFA 2012 PS3 Tournament 2011!
Venue: Alai's Crib
DATE: 27th November 2011
Time : 12 p.m onwards
Fees: $10/person (including barbeque)
   : $7/person for Barbeque only.

Champion: Hotel Voucher & Cash Prizes.
1st Runner Up: Hotel Voucher & Cash Prizes
2nd Runner up: Cash Prizes.

Rules & Regulations:
  1. For PFA participants only.
  2. Fees can be submitted to Aziz, JJ or Alai.
  3. Participants are able to choose any team EXCEPT World 11 or Classic 11.
  4. All Participants are encourage to be punctual. Should there be any delay, please notify the committee immediately.
  5. Timeline for round robin until semi-final is 10 minutes & final will be 15 minutes full time.
  6. Substitutions/tactical changes may only be made when the ball is out of play.
  7. Participants who play on behalf will be immediately disqualified from the contest. 
  8. Participants are encourage to bring their own joystick controller to avoid dissatisfaction.
 Should there be any enquiries or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact Alai (+6738 898028).

Come on PFA, Lets make this happening!

Monday, 14 November 2011

PFA Futsal Night Photos

PFA players...

Real Steel, champion of the tourney

1st runners-up, Team C Ermin

3rd place goes to Hero Kampung fc

4th place, Why always us? Why? Why? hehe..

First match of the tournament between Hero Kampung & Team C Ermin


mr. jj in action

The Match Official team. Credits to them

Great save by Daniel De'gea. A very promising young goalkeeper

Maybe ani tah punca masa banyak tebuang... Qayum oh Qayum...

Jj: "Kayu ehhhh reffreri ani"

Mirul: "Manakan si Rushdi ani?"

Boi & B'Roi: "Syg2, me masih main bula bh ni busy jua me ni lakat.." :p

They were in "serious-ok-serious" mood on how to be on top of the table haha..

Saiful: "Hmm esok lagi keraja nii..."

Players waiting for the announcement & prize-giving session

Best Goalkeeper: Daniel De'gea

Top Scorer: Ipin

Best Player: Jafni