Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Hello PFA, 
set yourself free next month coz we'r gonna have a


13/11/11 (Sunday)

Kompleks Sukan Mumong

Duration time?
7.00 - 10.00 pm

PFA players only!

"PFA Team Draws"
coming soon....

for futher details: contact pfa03 (",)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

IBB demolished PFA

PFA suffered the same fate as Man United as they get demolished by IBB 5-2 at Padang Kecil on Tuesday afternoon. Having to play with 9 men from the start due to late of turned up cost the team dearly as they conceded three soft goals in the first period.

It’s difficult to play with 10 men, never mind play with 9 men. Daniel managed to pull one back for PFA but the striker has a day to forget as he had a nightmare in front of goal after he missed a plethora of chances. He should and could have scored at least 5 goals and it’s a shame he was not able to convert all the opportunities into goals. PFA then went into the break trailing two goals deficit 3-1.

PFA made some attacking changes with the likes of Alfie, Ali, Bebek, Nameng, Qayyum coming into the frame hoping to bolster PFA’s attack but unfortunately planning does not always go as planned. Alfie had to left the pitch as he sustained in what looked like an ankle injury and expected to be out for 2-3 weeks.

PFA conceded another two goals in the second period and has been awarded a penalty with Aziz converted the spot kick but this proved too little, too late.  Final score line 5-2 defeat to PFA, a disappointing result considering how many chances PFA had created, having played with 9 men to the start but it was good work out for the team.

1st half:

Daniel De Gea, Aqil, Aziz, Boy, Dek Wan, Yaseen, Japni, David, Pin, Nabil, Daniel

2nd half:

Daniel De Gea, David, Aziz, Dek Wan, Boy Habs, Qayyum, Dillah, Alfie (Japni), Ali, Nameng, Bebek

Monday, 24 October 2011


Here we are PFA for the second post on PFA FUTSAL NIGHT. Below are some infos that you guys need to know about the tourney's team draw:

- There will be 5 categories altogether.
- The main objective of the draw is to avoid from too many players with the same position in a team. Fair and square
- Excluding "Category Keeper", there must be at least 2 maximum no. of players in the same category (Defender A & B, Attacking A & B) in a team. So there will be 4 positions in each team. For sure!
- The four players in the "Category Keeper" represents 4 different teams. Simple as that (",) (mr. pfa03 will approach all of you untuk membuat undian hehe.. be ready)

So without further ado, enjoy viewing the categories:

Daniel De Gea

Dek wan

Boy habs



If you are still unclear, take a good look of this example:

Team: XXX FC (after the draw)

Category Keeper player
"Category Defender A" player
"Category Defender A" player
"Category Defender B" player
"Category Defender B" player
"Category Attacking A" player
"Category Attacking A" player
"Category Attacking B" player 
"Category Attacking B" player 

Total players: 9 
(We are expecting for at least minimum of 8 & 9 maximum players in one team)

The draw will be made by this week, so be prepared to see the final results of the draw by end of this week! Thats all for now...

To be continued...

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sluggish PFA lose in Pandan derby

PFA suffered defeat as they were beaten 3-2 by MPK Pandan at Padang Kecil on Sunday afternoon. The team news saw two table-topper strikers granted a first start together while Najib and David made up the midfield.

Then to the football, PFA started the game dully and looked inactive, slow-moving, lack of energy and enthusiasm. Just 10 minutes had passed, Daniel sloppily gave the ball away when he tried to find David, led to the opening goal of MPK Pandan. The midfielder blasted a stunning shot outside the box past beyond Gigz gave the opposition off to a flyer.

As the game went on, PFA started to get into the rhythm and were up against it. The equalizer goal finally arrived after a quick throw-in on the flank finds Daniel through and he made a pin-point pass allowing David to steam through on goal and finish to make the scoreline 1-1. Daniel then can breathe a sigh of relief of the assist after his sloppy mistake earlier!

PFA then had the most possession after the equalizer, passing the ball well and seemed the more likely to get the second goal. Najib were denied by the woodwork after Daniel laid the ball neatly for him to blast a low, hard shot from a long range hitting the frame of the goal. Had it gone in, it would have been a goal of the year for him. The game then ended 1-1 at the break.

The second period starts with a host of changes and once again PFA caught napping as MPK Pandan scored from an unlikely source, failure to close down the player, PFA Pin scored from a long range (again) past Gigz to take the lead. Next, PFA then bounced back when Nameng was sent clear by a lovely through ball by Rushdi and he fired past into the net.

The game looked to be heading for a draw as the game nearing to the end, PFA scrappy defending at the back cost the game after MPK Pandan managed to sneak in the winner thus the day ended in disappointment for the Pandan’er in purple. Final score 3-2 to MPK Pandan. Do not forget to catch up the futsal team draw tomorrow PFA!

1st half:

Gigz, Saiful, Alai, Aziz, Boy Habs, Auni, David, Najib, Jarul, Daniel, Bebek

2nd half:

Gigz, Aqil, JJ, Dek Wan, Arif, Rushdi, Duan, Mirul, Nameng, Daniel (Nas), Bebek (Sarul)

Thursday, 20 October 2011

PFA-Pejabat Agama game off

The friendly match between PFA and Pejabat Agama at Padang Kecil has been called off due to heavy rains in Kuala Belait. Both side could decide to postpone the match and select another date for it. PFA next friendly match will be on Sunday, 23rd October 2011.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Friday, 14 October 2011

PFA's Puma bites Adidas

Daniel grabbed the game’s only goal after an unconvincing 1-0 win against Adidas FC on Friday afternoon. PFA can consider themselves unfortunate not to have scored more but would still love to take the narrow win at the end of the game.

The only goal came when Najib’s brilliant through ball pass over the Adidas’s defence picked out Daniel, finding himself clean through into the area and fired past the goalkeeper. Hirman then had a fine opportunity to add the goal tally as he struck a low-powered shot but brilliantly hit the post.

Najib went close for the 2nd goal but an over-powered right wing cross from Daniel was not met. The interval brought with it the inevitable surge of substitutions as PFA opted to make 9 changes, including a cameo for a first ever run out for youngster Param.

PFA had been relatively untroubled throughout the second period but Adidas kept on pressing in search of an equalizer but they were left frustrated by the PFA’s stubborn defending. Alfie went close to kill the game when he burst past through few Adidas players and it took a good save from the goalkeeper to deny the midfielder.

Adidas’s No.8 was fortunate to escape without punishment after he appeared to stamp on Dek Wan but later was booked for an ugly challenge on Duan. Final score 1-0 to PFA. 

1st half:

Pin, Dek Wan, JJ, Aziz, David, Qayyum, Dillah, Najib, Hirman, Auni, Daniel

2nd half:

Pin, Aqil (Param), Dek Wan (Zamri), Nabil, Boy Habs, Arif, Alfie, Duan, Ali, Nameng, Bebek

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Promo: Liverpool vs Manchester United

PFA held by Terubok

Duan’s goalscoring return could not inspire PFA to victory as they were held  in a hard-fought 1-1 draw with Terubok FC on Saturday evening. PFA entered the game having lost previous fixture and sought to make an instant impression to bounce back.

It capped a frustrating first period for PFA who were not able to keep the ball and lack of goal creating opportunities. Things were starting to flare up which eventually led to a melee after an exchanged of words between Terubok’s defender and Daniel but the incident looked to calm down moment after.

As both teams headed into half-hour mark, Terubok were awarded a penalty when their player was brought down on the corner of the box after a late-timed tackle from Aziz and Terubok took the lead into halftime 1-0.

PFA looked rejuvenated after the break  after the introduction of Duan in the middle of the park, controlling possession, moved the ball confidently and looking dangerous with Pin down the right flank. The second half was all about opportunities, maintaining composure and it appeared to be fruitful when PFA managed to equalized with Duan founding the back of the net, hooking in a deep cross by Pin  and calmly lobbed the ball past the goalkeeper.

Both sides continued to enjoy the possession but their enthusiasm was tempered by sturdy defending from both sides. With Daniel (Goalie) in magnificent form at one end, conjured a handful of great saves, big credit to PFA’s defensive unit as the game ended 1-1 draw full time.

1st half:

Daniel De Gea, Aziz, JJ, Boy, Saiful, Qayyum, Dillah, Daniel, Hirman, Najib, Nabil

2nd half:

Daniel De Gea, Dek Wan, Aziz (Aqil), JJ, David, Pin, Duan, Daniel (Nasri), Boy Habs, Nameng, Bebek

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The North West Derby Never Changes

15th October 2011

Its Liverpool vs Manchester United peeps..

The most famous football fixture in English and world of football!!!

The fixture between Liverpool and Manchester United is one of the most significant sporting rivalries in football.

This rivalry is one of the most high-profile derbies in UK. 

The clubs are also the two most successful teams in England.

May the best team win!

PFA lose in Eleven-Goal Thriller

PFA   5 - 6   J.O

1st Half:
Daniel De Gea, JJ, Boy, Dek Wan, Boy Habs, Pin, Ali, Najib, Alfie, Nabil, Hj Azim

2nd Half:
Daniel De Gea, JJ, Jul, Boy Habs (Mirul), Dek Wan, Dillah, Duan (Hj Azim), Pin (Alfie), Qayyum (Ali), Najib (Nabil), Nameng

PFA scorers of the match:
Nabil - 2
Hj Azim

Saturday, 1 October 2011

PFA ease to win

      PFA        3-1       KP7    

Bebek and Daniel once again consecutively scored each two game in a row as KP7 were beaten 3-1 at Padang Kecil on Friday afternoon. KP7 had started the livelier, perhaps, but it was PFA who eventually broke the deadlock when Hirman’s neat pass sent Daniel through KP7’s box and blasted home into the net. PFA then were firmly in control with the 1-0  scoreline.

A second goal now seemed inevitable and it duly arrived 10 minutes to halftime when Daniel made a cheeky turn on the right flank before cutting in, squeezed his way into the box and allowed him to cross for the fresh-legged Nameng to power home 2-0.

KP7 pulled one back within minutes of the second half starting to ratchet up the pressure to PFA, who were guilty of missing a number of opportunities to make the victory easier than it turned out to be. There were a few worrying moments in the second period before Bebek’s 13th goal made sure PFA were the worthy winner on the day with the final scoreline 3-1 to PFA. 

1st half:

Daniel De Gea, Arif, JJ, Aziz, Aqil, Hirman, Najib, Pin, Ali (Nameng), Nabil, Daniel

2nd half:

Daniel De Gea, Dek Wan, Aziz, Boy, Arif (Mirul), Nameng, Dillah, Duan, Pin (Fizu), Auni, Bebek